CamFlite Offers Custom Services

CNC machining service provided at Camflite for custom made drones.

Manufacturing in USA

We can provide your next sUAS Solution

From Engineering to fabrication

Part Design and Fabrication

We utilize Solidworks, Fusion 360, and other programs in conjunction with Soilcam to manufacture parts for your project.

custom PCB design CamFlite PX4 Ascent Versa

We use KiCad, Eagle CAD, and other software to design circuit boards that meet the specific needs of our customers and the products they use. This includes schematic drawing, breadboard testing, final layout, and smd board production.

CNC Machining

We manufacture our products in-house using our CNC 4-axis vertical mill, CNC laser, lathe, and other supporting equipment to create custom parts for you.

Vertical CNC milling machining service

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