Camflite Airlink CONTROLLER
Camflite Airlink CONTROLLER
Camflite Airlink CONTROLLER

Camflite Airlink CONTROLLER

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Camflite AIRLink Controller is a compact and lightweight IP-rated mobile industrial handheld ground station unit. It includes a powerful computer, broadband datalink, HD video transmission, LTE connectivity, touchscreen, and much more.



Camflite AIRLink Controller provides an end-to-end UAS control experience including vehicle configuration, real-time telemetry information, video streaming, waypoints mission planning and much more.


High fidelity hall-effect joysticks provide smooth and natural feel when controlling a drone. Ergonomically positioned payload control joysticks make flying comfortable and safe. Fly manually or easily switch to autonomous mode with a click.


Plan waypoints mission right on the Controller, no need to have any other external computer. Touch screen allows you to interactively place waypoints and adjust all mission parameters before sending drone for autonomous flight.


Two WiFi systems onboard - long range for connectivity with the drone and short range for internet connectivity to download maps, upload logs and captured data. LTE connectivity is available as an option.


10 years of industry experience for the most advanced UAS application scenarios.

  • Ruggedized IP-68 rated design allows operating in the harshest environments
  • Fully compatible with any MAVLink protocol based GCS software
  • Simple, intuitive, and operator-friendly design
  • Designed and manufactured in the United Kingdom


Camflite AIRLink Controller supports various control software including SmartAP GCS, QGroundControl, Mission Planner, and any other of your choice.


Camflite AIRLink Controller is fully compliant with the 2020 National Defense Authorization Act, Sec 848

Full situational awareness

Camflite AIRLink Controller provides real-time video feed from multiple cameras as well as a map with detailed telemetry information. Easily switch between a map and video feeds with a simple tap of the screen. Control any type of vehicle, including:

  • Quadcopters
  • Multirotors
  • VTOLs
  • Fixed-wings
  • Ground robots

Flexible controls assignment

Camflite AIRLink Controller has 4 high-accuracy Hall-effect joysticks. Functions assignment can be easily done in the software. Upper joysticks are recommended for UAS control (roll, pitch, yaw, thrust) and lower joysticks for payload control - gimbal orientation and camera controls. The controller is designed for operators as the primary users.

Long range communication

Camflite AIRLink Controller has integrated long-range telemetry module with high bandwidth allowing to transmit high resolution video, telemetry data, manual control and payload data. Key features include:

  • 2.4 GHz
  • up to 30 dBm output power
  • FCC / CE compliant
  • AES-256 encryption
  • Ultra low latency

Radio module can be disabled when it's not needed, e.g. when operating over LTE.

Connectivity status

Camflite AIRLink Controller provides connectivity status information including RSSI level. Two standard antennas with SMA connectors can be replaced for higher gain antennas providing even longer range.

Ergonomic design

Camflite AIRLink Controller's ergonomic design perfectly fits in operator hands and allows continuous work. Additionally, it's IP68 rated with dust protection and water-resistance.

  • Dimensions: 285x135x55 mm
  • Weight: 950 g

We ship using USPS, DHL,Fedex and UPS. If you have special requests please let us know. Some items are drop shipped from our vendors. Camflite sUAS aircraft are custom made and we will notify you of a exspedted shippinfg date.

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AIRLink has 2 camera ports: 1 x CSI and 1 x HDMI. We include a CSI camera in every AIRLink set, alongside a mini-HDMI to micro-HDMI cable for connecting your payload camera immediately. USB cameras or IP-based cameras are also attachable, just get in touch we can talk you through it!

AIRLink uses widely adopted drone industry standards, and if you’d like to modify the software, this is doable. The hardware is not open source but for our large volume manufacturers we can provide you with a reference design and help you set up your own production. This will allow you to control your own volume and quantity

Yes! We can give you full access to the mission computer and autopilot so you can deploy your own applications through AIRLink.

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